The fluffy colorful world of corimori

For children and adults who want to stay children

We cordially invite you to open the door of our corimori fantasy world. Our plush toys, slippers, pencil cases, costumes and towels are not just soft and extra fluffy – they also tell you their personal story. Meet the Ruby the unicorn, probably the most “rock” unicorn ever, or Henry the sloth, who reminds you to take it easy and to take a break – or two. There are many other awesome characters who are just waiting for you to discover them. By the way: Our products are available for both children and adults.

What’s so special about corimori?

  • They’re not plush figures, but personalities

You don’t just get a slipper or a soft toy, but an actual character. Every corimori character has a story to tell. Find a character that belongs to you.

  • Premium quality

Our products are produced in high quality. The seams are precise and accurate, and the filling is solid, but also very soft. We use an extra soft plush for the production of corimori items, and we make sure to select only the best materials.

  • Designed in Germany

We plan and design our products in Germany.

  • For children and adults

Our corimori plush products are available in several sizes, for children and for adults who never stopped being children.

This is what a day with corimori looks like

You know those days when you know you just want to stay in your warm bed from the minute you wake up? Corimori brings a smile to your face with the soft plush toys (also for adults!) and when it’s a rainy day outside, corimori puts you in a good mood! Put your corimori slippers on fast, and start your day with warm feet! Even at school or in the office – nobody can forget the funny moment when you take your pencil case out of your bag! Of course, it’s in the same cute and magical corimori design. Quick, finish your chores for the day, so in the evening you can put on your corimori jumpsuit!

We wish you a lot of joy with our corimori plush designs!

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